common questions

common questions

The Silky Skin device is based on IPL (intense flash light) technology, which is a modern technology for permanent hair removal without pain or risks. When you use the device on the hair, it absorbs the flash so that it then destroys the target hair cells.

Certainly, there are several scientific studies around the world confirming the safety and effectiveness of IPL in hair removal. Because of these studies, the technique has become very popular with its safety and effectiveness.

No, one of the many advantages of the Silky Skin device compared to other methods is that it is completely painless when used. Most of our clients describe to us that they only feel a little heat on the skin being flashed.

Most clients notice hair loss after only two or three sessions, and complete results after 9 sessions. Results change from one person to another depending on the type and color of hair and skin.

The device is designed for all areas of the body, including the face and sensitive areas (just make sure not to get close to the eyes).

No, there is no need to use eye protection during sessions. The device is designed with sensors that enable it not to emit any flashes except when the opening is directed and placed completely on the skin. You should also not direct your gaze directly at the flash.

We recommend one session per week for 8 weeks. After that, as maintenance and to keep the areas hair-free, we recommend once a month.

The life of the device is 999,999 flashes. That is, depending on the number of times required, it lasts for 10 years.

Yes, we recommend shaving the targeted areas before the sessions.

Between sessions, you can only shave when necessary, and we do not recommend using any method that removes hair from the roots, because the device depends on the roots absorbing the flash for treatment.

The device is suitable for almost all skin colors except dark skin. Please refer to the skin guide below to find out whether the device is suitable for you.

IPL technology depends on the melanin present in the hair, which absorbs the flash. Therefore, it may not be effective on white, blonde, yellow, or open red hair.

There is no study proving any risks of IPL for pregnant women yet, but out of caution we do not recommend it in the case of pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

It is not recommended to use the Silky Skin device over freckles, circles, or even tattoos

There is more than one method of payment (payment COD in the Emirates only - online payment by card - payment in installments via Tamara & Tabby).

We provide free and fast shipping to all Arab Gulf countries.

We provide a warranty against manufacturing defects for one year in the event that the device malfunctions for no reason.

Please click here to be directed to the purchase page, or if there are any inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp on the website.

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