The most important advice followed before and after removing excess body hair

When it comes to removing excess body hair, you have many options on choosing the right method. With so much misinformation available about these options, it can be difficult to know which option is best for you, in order to avoid the side effects of hair removal, so you need to know the steps that you must follow. To remove hair in a calm and healthy way, in this article we will show you what to do before and after removing excess body hair.

The most important tips that must be followed before removing excess hair:

Before starting the process of removing excess hair, you must do the following:
  • Skin cleaning:
  • By taking a daily shower, to remove bacteria or dirt that can cause inflammation of the pores, or other irritating things, especially when removing thick hair.
  • skin peeling:
  • Exfoliating helps you get rid of the dead cells that accumulate on the skin, so you can get the best hair removal results possible. To minimize irritation, avoid chemical peels before waxing or depilatory, and use a gentle exfoliator.
    • Avoid doing any kind of sports activities right before waxing.
    • Avoid using skin care products before hair removal.
    • Avoid taking antibiotics.

    When removing excess hair:

    Each method of hair removal requires its own approach. A light moisturizer can help keep your skin hydrated as it is. If you shave, wet your skin first, and use a light shaving cream or lotion that won't clog your razor. If you are using a hair remover, you should apply it to damp skin. Despite the multiplicity of hair removal methods, many doctors and dermatologists prefer to use lasers to remove excess hair, as it is a painless surgery at all, and its effect extends for a long time, unlike other methods.
    The most important tips that must be followed after removing excess hair:
  • Instant hydration:
  • Removing hair in any form will make a difference in the condition of your skin. Also, most women forget to use moisturizer on the skin directly during the day, as moisturizing prevents the formation of small bruises, and ensures that the skin is supple and soft.
  • Use of ice cubes:
  • The use of ice cubes is a great way to treat your skin after hair removal, as it works to close the pores, prevent redness of the skin, and prevent allergic reactions resulting from skin irritation.
  • Peeling after at least two days
  • Exfoliation is very beneficial for the beauty of your skin, but the skin should not be exfoliated at least two days before hair removal, so that the skin does not lose its natural moisture.
    • Wearing loose clothes :
    You must choose the appropriate clothes that help you heal your skin, as wearing tight clothes can cause irritation and redness of the skin, and skin friction with clothes immediately after hair removal causes itching, and thus can cause dermatitis.
  • Avoid taking a hot shower:
  • You should use only cold water, or lukewarm water when cleaning the skin in the hair removal area, because cold water helps to restore the skin better, and the use of hot water may cause redness, itching, and severe irritation on the skin.