Many women seek to save time and preserve their beauty by using the home laser device (IPL), in order to get rid of excess hair, and for its ease of use, but recently many problems have arisen resulting from the use of this device, as countries have intervened in granting permits for devices High-efficiency home laser (IPL) and only safe devices. As for the damage that some of the women suffered, it was caused by misuse of these devices, and it may have resulted from the use of an inappropriate home laser (IPL) device (imitation) other than the original one.
  • What are the most common damages when using a home laser device (IPL)?

  • As we mentioned earlier, the IPL technology itself does not cause harm to women, but the resulting side effects are a result of the misuse of these devices, and women often ignore them, including:
    1. Direct exposure to sunlight: direct exposure to sunlight is not harmful, but many women expose their bodies to direct sunlight prior to a home laser hair removal (IPL) session, as this leads to a rise in body temperature, and thus results in the emergence of infections. Dermatological, because when using a laser session, the skin will also be exposed to a high temperature.
    2. Body hygiene care: The permanent and daily use of cosmetics and creams often harms the skin, and is a major cause of skin allergies, and the negative results resulting from the use of inappropriate home laser (IPL). The reason for this is that most of the used lotions and creams are chemical. Manufactured, and unnatural, and thus can cause the appearance of damage resulting from the use of home laser, such as: Exposure to skin pigmentation.
  • Damages resulting from the use of an inappropriate home laser device (IPL):

  • Many damages may result when using an inappropriate (imitation) laser device that does not comply with safety standards, and among these damages:
    1. The appearance of inappropriate IPL devices, as they may have European specifications, as they are not suitable for Gulf specifications and standards, or for Middle Eastern countries in general.
    2. It may not be suitable for the nature of the skin and hair, and therefore many women left it and resorted to another and good type of device.
    3. An unsuitable IPL device may be unlicensed, or of unknown origin, and as a result lose safety and quality standards.
    4. It may lead to many risks, including itchy skin, infection transmission, and pain instead of getting rid of hair.
    5. This device may have one lens for the entire body, causing a similar home laser device to cause a fungal infection, moving one part of the body to another.
    6. In most cases, home laser devices contain only one level of energy, and thus they cause skin pigmentation and damage.
  • Side effects when using an inappropriate IPL device:
  • Among the effects resulting from the use of unsuitable (IPL) home laser devices, i.e. non-original manufacture, we mention:
    1. When there is a discrepancy between the melanin available in the skin, as well as the one available in the hair follicles to be removed, the dark color of the skin sometimes causes the skin to absorb laser radiation instead of the hair, which leads to the appearance of burns, scars, and permanent ulcers, so the satisfactory results are Mostly for people with dark hair and light skin.
    2. An unsuitable IPL device may cause skin damage in people who have white or light blonde hair.