What are the common mistakes when removing excess hair and how to avoid them

One of the secrets of your beauty lies in preserving the softness of your skin, by removing excess hair from your body, but there are many wrong things that you may fall into when removing hair regularly, and these mistakes may be harmful to your body without taking caution and caution about them, and here we will talk about these errors in order to avoid them.
  • The right time to remove excess hair:

  • Hair and beauty experts recommend the need to remove hair at night, especially before going to sleep, without exception for any means of hair removal, whether blades, sweetness, wax, and others.
  • Errors that arise when removing excess hair:

  • Sometimes women remove hair without taking into account many wrong things, including:
    1. Getting rid of hair at the wrong time of the month: Some women may think that there is a simultaneous relationship between removing excess hair in the sensitive area and the menstrual cycle, but this is a common mistake among women.
    And correct It is to avoid the process of removing hair in the entire body during the menstrual cycle, and the reason for this is the feeling of excess pain than the normal limit, and this is due to hormonal changes, during and before the menstrual cycle, and the correct way to get rid of hair during the ovulation period.
    1. Pulling the hair in the wrong direction: It seems to many women that putting wax on the skin in any direction to pull it or pull it is correct, and achieves the same goal and result, but that is not true. 
    The correct thing is to attract the wax in the opposite direction to the direction of hair growth, in order to avoid feeling cuts and bruises, or cutting off the hair.
    1. Using sweetness or wax during a short time: When you use sweetness or wax to remove hair, you must not focus and be attracted to the constant desire to remove hair at close and short intervals, or continue to use the blade to get rid of what appears recently.
    And correct It's about waiting four weeks between each waxing. Therefore, the following steps must be followed to ensure correct hair removal results:
    • You should apply a thin layer of this warm, liquid wax to the area where you want to remove excess hair.
    • A thin, cloth-like substance should be applied to the wax before it hardens.
    • It should be left for a few seconds until it becomes solid.
    • The cloth tape must be pulled quickly.
    1. Do not use the same code multiple times: 
    When you use one razor to get rid of excess hair many times, and you leave it in the bathroom for a month or weeks, this is a mistake, for many reasons, including:
    • The blade used for the razor is no longer sharp, and it does not remove hair properly after several times of use, which exposes you to injury.
    • Used and exposed blades often collect microbes, which in turn penetrate the pores when used, resulting in skin infections, boils, or blisters.
    And correct: It is to follow the following tips if you want to use the code, including:
    • You must sterilize the razor or blade used.
    • Use a moisturizing cream or gel to moisturize the skin and reduce irritation.
    • To shave slowly and in the same direction as hair growth.
    • Pay attention to washing the blade after each stroke to remove hair stuck to it.
    1. Not removing excess hair after taking a hot bath:
    It is not recommended that you sit in hot water, or take a long bath at the beginning of your day, and then start removing excess hair using any method of hair removal, because the skin is severely damaged because it is in its most delicate condition at that time.
    Correct : It is to get rid of excess hair before the bathing process.
  • Stop using hair removal creams when you notice the following:
    • The appearance of redness in sensitive areas, or irritation.
    • A rash appears on your body.
    The correct thing is to follow the instructions attached to these creams carefully, and to read the warnings written on the cream before using it. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account moisturizing the skin before starting to remove excess hair, and paying attention to exfoliating the skin with natural exfoliants, paying attention to following the correct instructions before starting to remove excess hair.