Most women want to show off their beautiful dresses with confidence, societal norms and customs make it clear that having hair-free arms and legs is very important to them, so women prefer to take care of their elegance constantly, to obtain the best levels of sophistication and self-confidence. Do you really want to discover healthy habits to remove excess hair? Just keep reading the article to find out what these healthy habits are.
  • Healthy habits that must be followed before removing excess hair:

  • To facilitate the process of hair removal, it is best to gently exfoliate the area from which excess hair is to be removed once a week, and this also helps to avoid hair growth under the skin. However, be careful not to exfoliate the day before hair removal, to avoid skin hypersensitivity.
    It is also preferable to avoid exposing the area from which the hair was removed to the sun for 24 hours to prevent the appearance of pigmentation after removing excess hair. It is also recommended to massage a moisturizing lotion on the skin from which the hair was removed. Different hair removal methods can cause slight irritation, so it is preferable to use a moisturizing cream after each hair removal.
  • Healthy habits for removing excess hair:

  • There are many ways to remove excess hair, and each method has healthy habits and a different way of using it.
  • Laser technology (IPL)
  • It is considered one of the best effective methods in removing excess hair, as it is absolutely painless, and it can also be applied at home using a home laser device, as it has become widely practiced in dermatological clinics, but given the time it takes for hair to grow again; It can sometimes be long lasting.
  • Wax:
  • It is a method preferred by most women. Hot wax can cause the pores to dilate slightly, making it easier to remove excess hair. It is also recommended for sensitive areas and areas with thick hair. Also, the use of cold wax is more suitable for long hair, such as: hair of the arms or legs, as it sticks firmly to the skin. If you choose hot wax, you need to make sure that the equipment used is hygienic, and the wax should not be reused again to avoid the risk of infection.
    1. a shave
    Inexpensive, painless razors cut hair from the skin without damaging the roots. As a result, it can cause rapid hair growth. Women can also use this method to remove excess hair from all parts of the body, except for the face. To protect the skin when shaving, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream before beginning hair removal, to hold the razor firmly, and to shave in the direction of hair growth. It is also better to monitor how long you have used the razor, it is better to change the blade after a maximum of three uses.
  • tweezers
  • Suitable for all skin types, and it is allowed to remove hair one by one, and many beauticians prefer to use it, as this is the best way to finish and remove excess hair perfectly in small areas and to clean the eyebrows. This method takes longer and is more painful than other methods of hair removal.
  • Hair removal cream:
  • It is considered a quick solution to remove excess hair at the last minute. Hair removal cream is a chemical process that is applied to the skin. The cream removes hair close to the roots. It is also necessary to test a small area of ​​your skin before applying the product to larger areas. If you notice any irritation or signs of allergy, do not use the product.
  • Threads:
  • This method was invented in eastern countries to remove excess hair, and it is implemented using a 100% polyester thread that pulls the hair out by rubbing against the skin, as it is more suitable for the face and neck area. One of its advantages is that it removes hair without any change in the structure of the skin. Plus, it removes all types of hair, from the thinnest to the thickest.