All women are overwhelmed with joy when waiting for the birth of a baby, but during pregnancy excessive hair growth occurs, and the reason for this is due to the change of hormones, and the process of getting rid of excess hair for a pregnant woman sometimes becomes very difficult, and at times you will need a high degree of flexibility to remove Hair in the legs area, or in sensitive areas. In this article, my pregnant lady will learn about safe hair removal methods.
  • How to get rid of excess hair of a pregnant woman:

  • In order for you to be able to maintain your beauty and femininity even during pregnancy, and to increase your splendor and attractiveness, especially when your physical fitness rate decreases, you are looking for the easiest ways to remove excess hair, and this becomes increasingly important in your last months of pregnancy.
    There are a number of methods that are considered safe for hair removal, including:
    1. Shaving: It is an easy and safe way to get rid of excess hair on your body, without the need for effort, especially in sensitive areas, by using a razor. You must apply a moisturizing cream, and it can be dispensed with if you fear exposure to skin infections. Or dryness in the area that was exposed to the razor blade.
    2. Sweetness and wax : If you are hesitant to use a razor, in order to get rid of excess hair, because it causes hair to appear again quickly, so using wax or sweetness is a better way for you, because of its ability to remove excess hair from its roots, and even add It feels soft on your skin, and experiments have proven that wax and sweetness are not harmful to the fetus, and no side effects have been proven from them, but If your body naturally suffers from pain when using wax or sweetness, you can dispense with them and replace them in another way.
    3. Threading : Although you can do it at home, threading (an ancient technique where a loop of thread is run through the skin to pull hairs) is best done by a professional, since it does not require any chemicals or medical procedures. It is safe during pregnancy.
    4. Use scissors: Many women are in pain when using wax or sweetness. Therefore, scissors were used, but they are not safe at all during pregnancy.
  • Methods that are not used during pregnancy to remove hair:

  • There are a number of methods that may affect the fetus, so they have become unsafe methods, and it is not recommended to use them during pregnancy, including:
    1. Laser home device (IPL): Using a laser to remove hair is one of the easiest methods, but it is an unsafe method during pregnancy, although it is a means that works to save your money, and saves you the effort to remove hair permanently, as it has been proven that laser has its side effects for some Pregnant women, when the treated area appears in a darker color than it was previously, so the traditional methods of hair removal for pregnant women still maintain their safety in the long run.
    2. Hair removal creams: The use of hair removal creams for pregnant women is also an unsafe method, and it is preferable to consult your doctor before using them.