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Silky Skin home laser hair removal device | Is it worth trying?

May God bless you, my beloved ones 🙋‍♀️💗 With us, in today's article, the original Silky Skin home laser hair removal device, and it is one of the laser devices that work with the technology of intense pulsed light (IPL) and its results are effective in removing hair completely without pain 🧡 but …

What are its advantages ❓ Is its manufacture and effectiveness suitable for its price ❓ Is it worth trying ❓

Now we know everything about Silken laser hair removal device 😉

Silken home laser device

The Silken brand is known and tested, and it provides you with the original Silky Skin home laser device for hair removal, which completely removes 90% of body hair during 8 to 9 sessions 👍🌸

The Silken laser device is intended for personal use by yourself, without having an expert with you, such as clinics.

It is also a very easy-to-use device. You can easily learn the steps for the first time from the instructions book, and complete the rest of the sessions in the same way easily 😉

What most distinguishes a Silken home laser hair removal device is that it is affordable and gives you privacy; Because you use it on your own at any time without embarrassing the external centers 🙈

How to use
1- Removing and cleaning the surface of the skin from the hair
2- Connect the power and turn on the device
3- Set your intensity level
4- Wear safety glasses
5- Place the device vertically on the skin and press the button
device specifications
☑ Noticing results after only 2-3 sessions
☑ Results comparable to clinic sessions
☑ 100% safe and absolutely painless
☑ The device is designed for all areas of the body (including the face and sensitive areas)
☑ A full body treatment session that only takes 30 minutes
☑ It contains 500,000 flashes, i.e. more than 10 years of use
☑ One year warranty against manufacturing defects
☑ Guarantee of return after 90 days in case you completed all sessions regularly and did not find any result